About Us Consulate Officers

Consul General
Tel: 0212-2968786 / 2258979
E-mail: cg.istanbul@mea.gov.in

Ms. Sudhi Choudhary
Acting Consul General/First Appellate Authority 
Tel: 0212-2969022
Email: cg.istanbul@mea.gov.in

Mr. Sanjay K. Bharadwaj
Head of Chancery /Consul (Consular & Community Welfare)
Tel: 0212-2910942
E-mail: cons.istanbul@mea.gov.in       

Mr. Manoj K. Sinha

Vice Consul (Admin, Accounts and Passport)/Central Public Information Officer(CPIO)
Tel: 0212-2962131/32
E-mail: acctts.istanbul@mea.gov.in

Emergency Contact number for Indian Diaspora; for assistance in emergency situation requiring urgent redressal and not for general inquiries.

Mr Amit Kumar- Mobile no.- +90-54-12385632