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Beware of hoax calls

Posted on: September 01, 2018 | Back | Print

It has been reported that Indian students/professions have received calls from unknown number who have purportedly claimed to be officials of the Consulate/Embassy of India. The caller usually states that proceedings were being initiated against them by the Local Administration and they would be deported to India unless they paid a fine or penalty for closure of their case/files. The standard modus operandi has been to tell the students/professionals that they have deliberately suppressed information while filling immigration form and asked them to pay the penalty/fine through Western Union/ or unrecognized banking channels. The caller then gives a fake complaint reference number and asks the students/professions to transfer money in the accounts given by him and not divulge this information to anyone.

          The Consulate General of India, would like to assure the Indian students/professionals or whosoever working in Istanbul and its jurisdiction that:

·         Consulate does not demand money on phone from anyone in this manner.

·         There is no need to panic and not to pay heed to such calls.

·         Inform Indian Consulate immediately in case you receive such calls and send relevant details at cons.istanbul@mea.gov.in or hoc.istanbul@mea.gov.in and to send the details of call in the attached proforma

·         Do not transfer any money towards penalty/fine through Western Union or any other unrecognized banking channel.